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Individuals or organisations interested in nature and forest therapy can join ANFTA as Associate Members. There are different types of Associate Members.

The criteria for associate membership are those prescribed by unanimous agreement of the ANFTA Committee from time to time and include a requirement that all associate members subscribe to the objectives of ANFTA.


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1. Certified Forest Therapy Guide
  • has graduated from an ANFTA-accredited course of study as Certified Forest Therapy Guide and
  • meets the requirements for continued professional development (CPD) activities and hours.
2. Student Member
  • participant enrolled in any of the ANFTA-accredited courses of study to become a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.
3. Volunteer
  • person who undertakes a time-limited internship at ANFTA or its affiliated companies.
4. Organisational Member
  • national and international institutions, organizations, companies as well as local, state or federal Government departments and statutory bodies which have an interest in professional dialogue with ANFTA and which foster Public health, research and the promotion of nature and forest therapy.
5. Honorary Member
  • under certain conditions defined by ANFTA’s Committee an honorary membership may be awarded.