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The AUSTRALASIAN NATURE AND FOREST THERAPY ALLIANCE INCORPORATED (ANFTA) has been founded in 2017 as not-for-profit association registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria (registration number: A0100437H).

ANFTA has been set up in response to the growing need for a peak body to represent the manifold activities of people, businesses and groups in the area of nature and forest therapy and reflects the growing demand for a unified public and professional voice with regards to forest therapy.


ANFTA's Phytoncide Logo

ANFTA’s logo has been chosen deliberately. It shows the molecular model of alpha-pinene, perhaps the most common phytoncide worldwide. Phytoncides are bioactive chemicals emitted from trees and plants which are part of their immune systems. Phytoncides bear significant physiological and medical properties for human beings. Alpha-pinene is the common phytoncide found in pine trees, cypress trees and cedars.