Australasian Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (ANFTA)

Promoting the benefits of Forest Therapy

enjoy guided walks in the forest

Free health benefits for everyone

experience and learn about the health benefits of forests

Utilizing the health potential of forests

promoting evidence-based and cost-effective Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy Guide Training

professional training according to the International Core Curriculum standard

ANFTA’s mission is to promote the health benefits of Forest Therapy across the Australasian region. ANFTA develops and monitors professional training standards, curricular structures and training material. ANFTA’s mission also includes to conduct and/or supervise training for ANFTA-accredited Forest Therapy Guides and to certify adequately suited forest therapy trails.

ANFTA‘s mid-term vision is to establish research- and evidence-based Forest Therapy as a recognized Public health practice across Australia and its neighbouring countries by 2025.



According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, nearly two-thirds of all adults were overweight or obese in Australia in 2014–15; sadly, the proportion who are obese increased over time. As a result, billions of dollars have to be spent on additional health care measures.



Stress-related illnesses are dramatically on the rise. The number of patients with high blood pressure has more than doubled within one generation. Patients suffering from heart attacks and strokes require intense, very costly medical attention – an extra burden to the tax-payer.


2.3 million Australians suffer from a mental condition. That is about 10 percent of the total population. While these numbers are rising, it becomes more and more important to find adequate and sustainable ways to remedy and prevent such developments.


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