Forest Therapy for Everyone.

Utilize the health benefits of forests.

Supported by evidence-based research.

Promoting the innovative Public health concept of forest therapy.

Australasian Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance

Promoting the health benefits of forests and nature.

Stress is a problem.

Stress-related illnesses are dramatically on the rise. The number of patients with high blood pressure has more than doubled within one generation. Commuting, constant exposure to information and a hectic life-style contribute massively to stress levels. Family-, relationship- and job-related issues are on the rise. More than two thirds of the population claim they are regularly under some form of stress.



Mental issues are a problem.

2.3 million Australians suffer from a mental condition. That is about 10 percent of the total population. While these numbers are rising, it becomes more and more important to find adequate and sustainable ways to remedy and prevent such developments. The Public health concept of Forest Therapy is a cost-effective, evidence-based and successful way for each individual and the society as a whole to reduce mental conditions.